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A profoundly gifted artist’ who has ‘already achieved artistic greatness.
~ Gramophone

A recital that was outstanding in every respect… Katya Apekisheva offered a spectacularly well-programmed evening in a solo recital that revealed a chameleon-like ability to play absolutely in style for each composer. Technically, the playing was strong; interpretatively, though, it was much more… This recital offered fabulous playing, but more than that, interpretations of the utmost integrity.
~ Seen and Heard International

With Elizabeth Leonskaya and Paul Lewis leading the pack, this has been a good year for Schubert’s piano music, but from the moment Katya Apekisheva played the opening flourish of the Sonata in A minor D 537 it was clear that hers was a voice like no other…. it was wonderful to see the Wigmore’s massive beast of a Steinway effortlessly tamed by this tiny, round-faced, smiling woman. And for the knowing innocence of these pieces she found a style of playing as natural as everyday speech. The sharp syncopations of ‘A Curious Story’ were followed by a dizzily-scurrying ‘Blind Man’s Buff’, and an account of ‘Dreaming’ which became something large and richly suggestive: we were like children at a party watching a conjuror pull tricks out of a hat.
~ The Independent

Passionate, pensive and atmospheric.
~ The Evening Standard

Charles Owen and Katya Apekisheva are superb pianists in their own right – his Bach is scintillating, her Schubert has profound authority –
and as a duo they make more than the sum of their parts; their Mozart and Brahms series helped put Kings Place on the chamber-music map.
~ The Independent

Astute colours and brilliant technique.
~ The Times

This was a performance of considerable insight and brilliance; an account that was beyond criticism. Katya Apekisheva is a very fine artist indeed whose future career should be closely followed…
~ Musical Opinion